Advertising Agency

Why should you work with us?

Our ads have superpowers! We think outside the box when it comes to engaging users with paid advertising. If you want to gain access to the tools that will maximize your sites revenue and get the most out of your traffic, you should register an account today.

Daily Updated Stats

Performance data isn’t available instantly, and metrics are only updated once a day. Metrics and reports are only calculated once a day.

Rates and Coverage

We offer industry highest rates and the best international coverage. Except that, we have advertisers for over 120 countries.

Fast Payments

Publisher payments can be made weekly via Paypal. To receive a payment, Publishers must reach the minimum payout limit $25.

Ad safety

Every single campaign goes through manual and automatic tests before going live on your site. Additionally LijNow's platform offers full HTTPS by generating HTTPS ad tags.

Better performing

We analyze the traffic of each Publisher so that we can show the user relevant ads. Thereby the traffic engages more, which automatically earns you more.

Desktop WEB

Our available ad formats are Pop-Under. A pop-under does not disturb your visitor, your visitor will only see the window when he closes his browser or the current tab.


We deliver your brand and campaign goals through our proprietary performance-based technology, highly specialized teams and scalable global media outreach. We accept all pricing models (CPC, CPM, CPL, CPI, CPA, RevShare).


We at LijNow Agency developed our own ad server technology. Our solution is extra flexible. We can now say that we can do any integration process on demand! Enjoy our auto-optimization engine to maximize your revenue.


Ad tags are easy to integrate and deliver carefully targeted ad content, high international fill rates and maximum eCPMs. We provide automatic weekly payments via PayPal for ALL publishers reaching at least $25 a week.